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Download Printer-Friendly Tuition and Policies Sheet (MS Word)


Tuition is based on a 10-month (40 teaching weeks) school year. (Summer sessions are charged separately). Students are charged the same amount each month regardless of the number of class days (i.e., Mondays, for example) occurring in that month, or holidays occurring, with a guaranteed total number of classes equaling 40 weeks by end of year. (Final number of Mondays, for example, excluding holidays, will total a minimum of 40 for the year, and students taking one class per week on Mondays will have received 40 lessons, even though some months will have 3 Mondays, and others will have 5).


Payment Plans - Tuition may be paid monthly, or in some cases, semi-annually. Discounts apply to 5-month payments. Discounted rates are available ONLY at the beginning of Aug. or Jan. Monthly tuition is due on or before the first lesson of each month, in advance. Late charges apply (see below). Non-monthly payment plans are also paid in advance, and will receive reminder notices before due dates. Registration fees are due once annually, all students. Students who officially withdraw and then re-enroll, or are dropped from a class due to frequent absences, will be charged a second registration fee. Students who do not officially withdraw (in writing) still owe tuition (see below).

Withdrawals - Students who withdraw from a class must notify the school immediately in writing, and will be fully responsible for all tuition until the time the written notice is received by the office. Non-attending students who have not officially withdrawn are responsible for payments until we receive written notice, and we keep your place in class officially “reserved” until then. Calling or informing us of missed lessons does not excuse the tuition payment for that month.
- There are no refunds on tuition payments, registration fees, or recital/costume fees regardless of the circumstances, as your place in class has been “reserved” for that entire school year—this applies to all payment options. Please keep this in mind if you choose to pay the discounted long-term rates. There are no refunds for absences or withdrawals before the end of the pay period, or for “shortened” months prior to withdrawal. (See “Withdrawals” above.)
Late (mid-year or mid-month) enrollments
- Students who begin enrollment in mid-month will pay for the entire month and not be pro-rated, but will have the opportunity (and are encouraged) to make up missed lessons by taking additional lessons that are due to them. (see Make-ups policy below). Students enrolling after the beginning of a school year need not make up the missed portion of the year, but may not be allowed to participate in the recital due to insufficient preparation time and costume ordering deadlines. Five-month payment discounts are not available to students who enroll after the year or semester has begun. (see back)

Non-attendance - Tuition is not transferable to another student or family member, and will not be carried over into any future payment period (month) or year after an absence or withdrawal. Students are responsible for the full tuition payment due that payment period even if they do not attend every lesson. Students who withdraw and then re-enroll during the same 10-month period will pay an additional $25. registration fee. Students who do not attend for a month or more, with or without giving notice to the school, are not excused from payment unless they are officially withdrawn (see Withdrawals above) in writing, and may lose their place in a full class, or be asked to attend a lower level class upon returning.

Make-ups for missed lessons - We encourage make-up lessons for students who miss classes, but do not guarantee that every class and level will have a comparable make-up class available during that enrollment period. Please call ahead to schedule a make-up class either before or after an absence. Make-up lessons are not carried over into any future payment period and should be made up within the same month, if possible. No make-up lessons are available after a student is officially withdrawn (see below). If class is cancelled by the school due to teacher illness or weather emergency, a make-up class will be scheduled for the entire group.

Late Fees - All monthly tuition fees are due on or before the first of the month. A late fee of $10. will be added to tuition payments if payment is not received by the first lesson of the month. Returned check fee is $10. Past due accounts will receive a reminder invoice and assessed a late fee. PLEASE NOTE: Absence on the first class day of the month does not excuse timely payment or release the student from the late fee.

Recital & Costume fees - Classes missed due to scheduling our own recital dress rehearsals, etc. may be considered as a substitute for class hours that would ordinarily take place on those days or times and do not need to be made up as missed lessons. Students participating in the recital will be assessed a costume fee usually due in Oct. of approximately $35.-$100. per costume and a recital fee of $55.-85. per student, due in March. Recital and costume fees are non-refundable. Recital participation is optional. Students wishing to perform should be enrolled for the entire school year. Tuition and other payments must be up to date for students to participate in the recital.

Interlachen School of Dance TUITION RATES effective Aug. 1, 2006 - please refer to the tuition chart on the printer-friendly Tuition and Policies sheet.

Registration fees - are charged once annually (every Aug. for continuing students, regardless of initial enrollment date, except as noted below) for all students in order to reserve a place in class, and to fully update our records yearly on each student. See Application for Enrollment sheet for amount due.
Registration fees are due from ALL STUDENTS, including those paying by semester, semi-annually or annually; students who first enroll after March 1 and pay registration fee at that time (of 2006, for example) will not pay again in August, but will have fees due the following August, of 2007. Students who drop out of classes (or are absent without tuition payment) for a month or more will pay a new registration fee upon re-entering the school. This includes summer month absences. Annual fees are due first week in Aug. at time classes begin for both new and returning students. Annual fees paid in advance will reserve a place in Fall classes for returning students.

Private lessons - Fee is $50 per full hour. PLEASE NOTE: Private lessons are scheduled only through the school office (NOT through the individual teacher) and paid in advance to Interlachen School of Dance. Since studio time and teachers are reserved for private lessons, students who do not attend their scheduled time without a minimum of 24 hours phoned-in notice will forfeit their pre-payment. Private lessons scheduled on a regular weekly basis must be paid monthly in advance with tuition due on the first class day of each month.

Single (one-time) classes - We invite prospective students to observe a class prior to enrolling. We disallow “drop-in” single class participation by non-enrolled students because our student liability insurance does not cover non-enrolled students. Also, the practice of allowing other students into an ongoing class usually slows down or interrupts an ongoing class’s progression, therefore we prefer that all students enroll for extended periods so teachers have time to assess the student’s abilities fully and accurately.

Observation of a class is always free, and we invite prospective students and parents to observe and then enroll, as this is the best way to determine class placement. An instructor will then be able to interview you regarding previous dance training, and advise you. Call ahead to schedule an observation.

Class cancellations - The school reserves the right to cancel or combine classes not meeting minimum enrollment quotas or to close full classes. Students enrolled in these classes may join another class and remain enrolled, or withdraw for refund equivalent to the number of remaining classes due to them in that pay period. Refunds apply only to classes cancelled by Interlachen School of Dance, and not to student voluntary withdrawals, nor to withdrawals made after already attending a newly-assigned (or combined) class, or for non-attendance.